Choose Your Type Of Stress


The hormonal load of cumulative stress can produce feelings of being overwhelmed within hours or days. Living with constant frustration, irritability, fatigue can have an effect on all biological systems and in all areas of life. Get out of the “Work/Life Balance” struggle and step in to resolve stress as it happens for a better end of the day or week. Other methods are good for temporary relief: meditation, yoga, music, massage. HUMAN teaches people how to step into the cause of stress in REAL TIME and use personal tools to keep it low.

Cumulative Stress And Anxiety

Stress accumulated over time can overload multiple systems if it persists for hours, days, weeks, months or years... Event related stress produces a quick, high level response. This was called a ‘fight or flight’ response, which in theory seems to be a problem, but in real situations resolves stress quickly through either of these behaviors.

From Frustration To Panic

The problem with prolonged stress, frustration and never-ending efforts to resolve it, is that cortisol and other hormones stay at elevated levels. Most people are adapted to stress and therefore do not keep track of the accumulated experiences. This is the “Boiling Frog” dilemma; you live in stress every day and can’t easily detect the boiling point or you jump at the last minute.

HUMAN - This basic program teaches you to catch stress at lower levels and step in to create resolution so that the build-up is prevented. Then you can focus on resolving larger anxiety issues with the same process.

HUMAN Ext- The basic training program has been customized to fit the needs of humans who deal with extreme stress events and environments as a professional, as well as the daily personal load, such as police, fire, rescue, military, medical and other professions.

Chronic Stress-Realted Illness

Living with elevated stress has been found to be the cause of inflammation, which produces multiple systemic effects over time. Constant fatigue, numbness and pain create personal social inabilities to have “My normal life”, which causes emotional distress. Battling illness, scheduling treatment and ups and downs of the process of living with a chronic stress illness can be improved with real time stress reduction. Keep daily cortisol levels low for fewer symptoms.

Chronically elevated cortisol has negative effects such as inflammation effects on brain systems, the stomach metabolizing food and the immune function.

Below are descriptions of how chronic stress develops into illness. We are developing a series of HUMAN which addresses each of these in more specific ways. For now, please purchase the current HUMAN program as we develop specific programs for each area.